XIII Panamerican PI Congress in Buenos Aires

The XIII Panamerican Panathlon International Congress took place from 3 to 6 October in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The PCU Committee attended the program and presented the exposition of the Antwerp University and Panathlon Drawing Contest devoted to the Fair Play in the University sport. The exposition of the #PCUContest looked incredibly beautiful in the lobby of the Scala hotel in Buenos Aires during the XIII Panamerican Panathlon International Congress. During the accreditation and coffee breaks the participants had possibability to enjoy the exposition of the and to vote for their favorite drawing. Argentinian NOC Vice-President Alicia Masoni de Morea and María Julia Garisoain, who competed twice in the Olympic Games for Argentina visited the exposition. Voting for the Honorable commendation was organized during the XIII Panamerican Congress Panathlon International in Buenos Aires. “Passing the torch” by Chiu Yi from the One Academy of Communication Design in Malaysia was chosen as the Honorable commendation of the XIII Panamerican Panathlon International Congress participants.

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