Contact and Entries

MOSCOW, 18-20 OCTOBER 2019


Registration and contact

Registration for the PIUTT is simple by requesting participation on as specified below. The closing date for entries is 28 August 2019. An entry fee is not requested. All students can apply by email. The final decision on participation is taken by the Tournament director. Please visit the website of the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism to find out possible Visa requirements. Official letter of Visa invitation can be provided for the participants upon request.






» The name of the University or University College

» The name of the official contact person

» Full address University or University College (street, number, city, postal code and country)

» The phone number of the official contact person

» The email address of the official contact person

» The number of persons of the delegation




Contact PIUTT

(T) +7 926 595 33 27 (RU)