Friendship won! Students of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia won the PIUTT 2017

From 20 to 22 October 2017 Dubna hosted the 2nd PCU International Tennis Tournament (PIUTT) – a yearly tennis tournament organized by the University of Antwerp with the assistance of the Dubna State University and endorsed by the PCU Committee to promote ethics in sport and principles of fair play and Universal friendship.

The PIUTT is held as a part of the Panathlon International Movement for the promotion and spread of culture and sporting ethics, according to the official recognition of the International Olympic Committee from 1982.

On October 20, at the PIUTT Opening Ceremony the participants were greeted by the Representative of the Dubna City Administration Evgeny Stein, the Dubna State University Rector Dmitry Fursaev, the Prorector of the University of Antwerp Alain Verschoren, the PCU Committee President Peter Verboven and the Secretary General of the PCU Committee, His Excellency Ambassador, Anicet Gabriel Kotchofa. The PIUTT President, Honorary Rector of the University of Antwerp Francis Baron Van Loon announced the tournament officially open and made the draw.

According to the results of the Draw, the players were divided into two groups in the women’s and men’s singles categories and competed in a Round Robin System. Matches were held on the court of the Sport Complex “Olymp” of the Dubna State University on October 21 and 22. In total, 16 matches of the 1st and 2nd round took place on the first day of the competitions. Group results were announced after the 3rd round of the second day of competitions. In the final round as in the women’s as in the men’s singles categories students of the Russian Peoples’ Friendship University (Russia) and the University of Antwerp (Belgium) were competing for the title of the PIUTT Champion.

In the end, the RUDN students won: Anastasia Tsyganova and Boris Denisov. It is symbolic that in the tennis tournament devoted to the principles of fair play and Universal friendship, the students from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia won. The winner of the silver and bronze PIUTT Cup 2017 in women’s singles became students of the University of Antwerp. The second and third place in the men’s singles category also were taken by players of Antwerp delegation.

No one lost. Everyone was awarded medals, certificates and souvenirs at the Closing Ceremony. And the most important thing is that participants really made friends, supported each other in the tournament, played fair, following the rules of ethics in sports and respecting the opponent.

For the first time within the framework of the tournament the exposition of the Antwerp University and Panathlon Drawing Contest, devoted to University Sport and Olympic principals, took place in Dubna. The results of the PIUTT Participants voting for the Honorable commendation were also announced at the Closing ceremony. The exposition of the 15 artworks from the student all over the world was an excellent addition to the tournament and cultural program. The voters’ choice is the painting “Olympiad” by Yana Ivanchina from St. Petersburg, Russia. Already in December, these artworks will be exposed in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Generally, the PCU International University Tennis Tournament is a unique platform on which sport, education and culture blends, thereby embodying the fundamental principle of Olympism and providing an opportunity for students to take part in tennis competitions, cultural program and international interaction with emphasis on Fair Play and Universal Friendship.

Tournament Director: +32 470 34 48 15; +7 (926) 595-33-27 Alina Baranova

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