ENAS Trento 2019 Forum & Assembly

This November was full of University Sport events held in Italy. The PCU Antwerp Chairman Nils Van de Velden participated in the ENAS Trento 2019 Forum & Assembly on behalf of the University of Antwerp.


The 22nd ENAS Forum & Assembly took place in Trento between 3rd – 8th November 2019. The theme of this year Forum was “Digital Innovation in University and College Sport”.

For the 2019 ENAS Forum & Assembly, the University of Trento focused on exploring some of the challenges and opportunities in this area, including the development of technologies for sport activities and digitalization of facilities.


While making our life easier in many ways, digitalization also challenges existing practices and necessitates a new and more flexible approach to sport and organizational management. Digitalization touches the field of physical activity and sport in many ways, with a distinct impact especially on five macro areas: management-organization, monitoring & self-monitoring, new gamification and e-sports, communication, employability.





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