Sports personality awards 2015 – 16 february 2016

Many panathletes and candidate members were represented in our yearly sports-personality evening, hosted at the University of Antwerp.

This yearly traditional evening symbolized innovation and a joint venture between the two Antwerp clubs (Panathlon Antwerp – PCU). A refreshment of hospitality with promo around upcoming Panathlon events.

Tom Melis, international tennis referee and experienced practitioner gave a brief summery about the role of a good youth academy and the commercialization of tennis sport.

Two awards were contributed :

– Ere Rector Francis Van Loon Student Sports Trophee: Félix Denayer
– Panathlon Antwerp Sports personality 2015: Johan Van Herck

The crowd was very thrilled about this sports meet-up and hope for more joint venture projects between the two clubs, as the panathlon credo always declares “ Ludis Iungit “. The two Antwerp presidents gave a big thanks for all volunteers which created this wonderful team spirit sport-show !

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