Bring your Panathlon Club to the school

In the frame of #BeActive movement and as part of the European Week of Sport Program the action “Bring your Sport Club to the school” was organized by the Sports Flanders Agency of Belgium.

The child of one of our members promoted the Panathlon values in his school. The PCU Committee’s little ambassador informed his classmates and teachers about the Rights of the Child in Sport declared in the Panathlon Charter.

Thanks the European Commission and Sport Vlaanderen for such a great initiative, Panathlon International for supporting the children’s rights and Parkschool Ieperman for implementing the action.


Let’s remember Children’s Rights in Sport and spread around the world.

All children have the right:
 to practise sports
 to enjoy themselves and to play
 to live in a healthy environment
 to be treated with dignity
 to be trained and coached by competent people
 to take part in training that is adapted to their age, individual rhythm and competence
 to match themselves against children of the same level in a suitable competition
 to practise sport in safe conditions
 to rest
 to have the opportunity to become a champion, or not to be a champion

📃 The Panathlon Charter on the Rights of the Child in Sport