The first edition of the “Rome Tor Vergata Games”

The PCU Committee endorses the “Rome Tor Vergata Games”, organised by the CUS Rome Tor Vergata.


The CUS Rome Tor Vergata is an amateur sports association for students, administrative and teaching staff that promotes sport within the University of Rome Tor Vergata. “CUS” stands for Centro Universitario Sportivo (University Sport Center) and is the territorial emanation of CUSI (Italian Sports University Center), one of the 15 Sports Promotion Organizations recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee).

The CUS Rome Tor Vergata is a regular participant of the PCU Games as wel as the University of Rome Tor Vergata is our partner in the framework of the YERUN (Young European Research Universities Network). Read more … about the YERUN Network and the YERUN Sport Days in April in Antwerp.


The first edition of the “Rome Tor Vergata Games” took place on 13-14 March in Rome, Italy.

The Roman teams and international teams took part in Five-a-side Football, Volleyball and Basketball competitions of the international tournament. The tournament was attended by delegations from the CUS Rome Tor Vergata, CUS Rome, University of Rome “Foro Italico” and the University of Antwerp.


The competitions were very intense, well organized and all the matches were held in compliance with the rules and Fair Play principals. The atmosphere of the tournament was very friendly. Players and fans actively supported teams, chanted chants, made a wave. The players before each match respectfully greeted each other and made friendly joint photos after each match.

There was organised the dinner for the Heads of Delegation of the Rome Tor Vergata Games with attendance of the former UEFA Champions League player Federico Masi. The PCU Committee thanks the CUS Roma Tor Vergata and especially the President Manuel Onorati and the Secretary General Filippo Corti for the wonderful hospitality and congratulations for the organization. Looking forward to further cooperation.