The 2017 PCU Drawing Contest exposition during Flambeau d’Or in Grenoble, France

The exposition of the Antwerp University and Panathlon Drawing Contest 2017 took place on March 23rd 2018 during the prestigious Panathlon International event – Flambeau d’Or, in the “Capital of the Alpes”.



Impressive number of visitors attend the exposition in Grenoble as part of the Panathlon Flambeau D’Or awarding.

250 guests from France, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Portugal, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and San Marino.



Numerous guests of the Flambeau d’Or Panathlon International were invited to vote for their favourite drawing of the exposition in Grenoble. The voters’ choice coincided with the winner chosen by the Selection Commission.
“Honorable Commendation of the Flambeau d’Or Panathlon International” is given by a considerable majority vote to Ernest Seah for the drawing “Fair Play”.
We note with pleasure that the drawings “Olympic Universe” and “Friendship, Fun and Fair Play” also became favorites of the exposition in Grenoble.



Inauguration speech was made by the Chairman of the Drawing Contest Selection Commission, Prof. Dr. Alain Verschoren, Prorector of the UAntwerpen, during the Flambeau D’Or Gala dinner in the Mercure Grenoble President.



The Antwerp delegation attended the Flambeau d’Or Award Ceremony of Jean Claude Killy on March 24th 2018, in the Prefecture of L’Isere Grenoble.

The Flambeau d’Or (Golden Torch) is an award that is presented every four years. It aims to reward distinguished international sport personalities.

Jean Claude Killy was a triple Olympic champion, winning the three alpine events at the 1968 Winter Olympics, becoming the most successful athlete in Grenoble.