19th PCU Games 2018 officially opened

Yesterday evening, Wednesday 25 April, the PCU Games 2018 Accreditation for teams and delegations took place in the University of Antwerp City Campus. More than 400 participants received their accreditation.
On the Opening Ceremony all delegations were welcomed by Honorary Rector of the University of Antwerp Francis baron Van Loon, Panathlon International representative Paul Standaert and Prorector of the University of Antwerp Alain Verschoren. The chairman of the PCU Games Council, Dr. Bahram Ghadimi declared the PCU Games officially opened.
The Oath of the players was given by Sarah Thompson, the President of the Edinburgh University Women’s Association Football Club. The representative of the referees, Jonas Maselis, pledged the Oath of the referees. The opening ceremony was followed by a reception for the heads of delegation and a welcome party.

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