26-28 APRIL 2023



24-26 APRIL 2024

The 24th PCU Games ensure a free sports and events program for universities and university colleges worldwide with emphasis on Fair Play and Universal Friendship. Men & Women’s Futsal, Volleyball and Basketball are programmed, as well as an online PCU FIFA23 tournament. Registration is simple as explained on this website and the registration deadline is 1 April 2023. 

Panathlon International
is IOC regcognized

Note – The games are organized 26-28 April 2023 with the applicable COVID-19 measures. The PCU FIFA23 Tournament is organized 21 April 2023.


Seven competitions, added with an overall Fair Play competition (Enrico Prandi Trophy), are organized in men & women’s Futsal, Volleyball and Basketball and FIFA23. The allotment of the groups in all sports is organized on Sunday 23 April 2023 by the Secretary General of the PCU Committee, Prof. Dr. G. A. Kotchofa. Please note that the match schedules posted below are subject to changes. The final and official match schedules are presented during the PCU Games Opening Ceremony on 26 April 2023.

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Sports Center Het Rooi, Berchemstadionstraat 73, B-2600 Antwerp (Map Venue)

Match Schedule Futsal Men (final version 26/4) (Pdf)
Match Schedule Futsal Women (final version 26/4) (Pdf)
Laws of the Games – Futsal (Pdf)
Results Futsal Men (Pdf, available during competition)
Results Futsal Women (Pdf, available during competition)

Check out the match standings and results with Tournify.

Futsal: https://www.tournifyapp.com/live/pcu2023rooi

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Sports Center Plantin Moretus, Plantin Moretuslei 343, B-2140 Antwerp (Map Venue)

Match Schedule Basketball Men (final version 26/4) (Pdf)
Match Schedule Basketball Women (final version 26/4) (Pdf)
Laws of the Games – Basketball (Pdf)
Results Basketball Men (Pdf, available during competition)
Results Basketball Women (Pdf, available during competition)

Check out the match schedule, standings and results with Tournify.

Basketball: https://www.tournifyapp.com/live/pcu2023plantin

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Sports Center Wilrijkse Pleinen, Vogelzanglaan 6, B-2020 Antwerp (Map Venue)

Match Schedule Volleyball Men (final version 26/4) (Pdf)
Match Schedule Volleyball Women (final version 26/4) (Pdf)
Laws of the Games – Volleyball (Pdf)
Results Volleyball Men (Pdf, available during competition)
Results Volleyball Women (Pdf, available during competition)

Check out the match schedule, standings and results with Tournify.

Volleyball: https://www.tournifyapp.com/live/pcu2023wp

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Check out the match schedule, standings and results with Tournify.

Football: https://www.tournifyapp.com/live/pcu2023wp

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On Friday 21 April 2023 an online FIFA23 Tournament was organized. More information can be found here.

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After every match the referees award Fair Play points to each team based upon conduct of the delegation and Fair Play on the field. The winner of the Fair Play ranking receives the Enrico Prandi Trophy, a prestigious award, unique in the world of university sport and the highest merit a university can achieve in relation to ethics in university sport. Enrico Prandi, born on May 21, 1945 (Italy), is the Past President of Panathlon International, former member of the International Olympic Committee Cultural Commission and former President of the Italian Basketball League. In 2010 he initiated the idea to create a university platform within Panathlon International to promote ethics in sport also within the worldwide university community.


Each team is entitled to a maximum 11 Free Games Packages. Please note that a delegation of 1 university can consist of more teams and that extra persons are welcome as explained below.

Per Team

  • 11 accreditations to enter and use all competition facilities;
  • 11 accreditations to the Opening Ceremony;
  • 11 dinners in a restaurant in the city center;
  • 11 public transport passes (*);
  • 11 entry cards, including 1 free drink, for the Welcome Party and the Closing Party;
  • 11 welcome bags with tourist information;
  • 1 team guide available for the entire stay (**).

Per University Delegation

  • 4 free accreditations for the General Assembly per delegation;
  • 12 memberships Panathlon International per delegation (Panathlon membership)

(*) Public Transport Pass

Each free games package contains a public transport pass for 3 days to use metro, tram or bus within the Antwerp Metropolitan Region. The 3 days term starts at the first use of the pass when entering a metro station, tram or bus. Your team guide will explain in detail the use of the pass upon your arrival.

(**) Team Guide

Your team guide will welcome you at the hotel or hostel of your choice upon your arrival. The team guide will hand over immediately the free games packages and will guide the team to the competitions and other official events.


If a team consists of more than 11 persons, official free accreditations are available offering the following modalities:

  • 1 free accreditation to participate and enter and use all competition facilities
  • 1 free accreditation to the Opening Ceremony
  • 1 free entry card for the Welcome Party and the Closing Party

Please note that all other modalities are at the expenses of the extra persons. Upgrade to a “full” Games Package (with all modalities mentioned above) is available for €30 per person.


Each team chooses and books their own accommodation and pays directly to the hotel or hostel of their choice. The hotel or hostel booking is considered as your participation guarantee. Below you can find a list of hotels and hostels in the Antwerp city center with reduced prices – arranged by the University of Antwerp – close to or with easy public transport access to all event and competition venues. If you are looking for a more extended overview of all accommodation facilities in the greater metropolitan area, please visit www.visitantwerpen.be or the site of the Antwerp Booking Desk.


In some hotels and hostels you can book rooms or beds at reduced prices, through the University of Antwerp.
To book accommodation, please follow the steps below in the right order:

  • Go to the online booking tool
  • First enter the discount code UAACB19 and click on ‘Validate’
  • Then enter your arrival and departure dates and click on ‘Search’
  • You’ll see an overview of all available hotels and their Best Available Rate -10%, at that moment, including any cancellation conditions.
  • Choose a hotel and book your room.


If you can’t find the desired accommodation above, you can find a list of Antwerp’s Youth Hostels and Budget Hotels below:

You can also find/book your own accommodation through online portals or booking agencies. Please note that our Team Guide will only come to your hotel if it is within the City, and reachable by Public Transportation. If unsure, check with the organization.

FRIDAY 21 April 2023

PCU FIFA23 Tournament

19.00 h – 23.00 h CEST

WEDNESDAY 26 April 2023


19.30 h – 20.15 h
University of Antwerp “Aula Rector Dhanis”, Kleine Kauwenberg 14, 2000 Antwerp (Map Venue)

Opening Ceremony

20.15 h – 21.00 h
University of Antwerp “Aula Rector Dhanis”, Kleine Kauwenberg 14, 2000 Antwerp (Map Venue)

Heads of Delegation Personal Welcome Moment

21.00 h – 22.00 h
University of Antwerp “Agora”, Grote Kauwenberg 2, 2000 Antwerp (Map Venue)

Welcome Party

21.00 h – …,
Café “De Prof”, Vekestraat 51, 2000 Antwerp (Map Venue)

THURSDAY 27 April 2023


All day
For venue details, regulations and match schedules see Competitions

PCU Games Free Dinner

19.00 h – 21.30 h
University of Antwerp Student Restaurant “Komida”, Koningstraat 8, 2000 Antwerp (Map Venue)

FRIDAY 28 April 2023

Competitions & finals

All day
For venue details, regulations and match schedules see Competitions

Closing Ceremony with General Assembly

20.45 h – 22.00 h
University of Antwerp, Grauwzusters Cloister, Lange Sint-Annastraat 7, 2000 Antwerp (Map Venue)

Closing Party

21.00 h – …,
Café “De Prof”, Vekestraat 51, 2000 Antwerp (Map Venue)


Antwerp is the economic capital of Belgium and the largest city of Flanders, the Dutch speaking region of Belgium. The city center has a population of 521,825 inhabitants, the metropolitan area over 1.1 million inhabitants and the Antwerp Province over 1.8 million inhabitants. Internationally, Antwerp is the largest diamond trade center in the world, the second largest port of Europe and the Antwerp Fashion Academy is considered one of the best in the world, ensuring the highest concentration of fashion shops and flagship stores within Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. On a sports level, Antwerp hosted the Olympic Games in 1920 and was the European Capital of Sport in 2013. The city also welcomed 4 FISU World University Championships and many international interuniversity championships. Antwerp also hosted the 2022 FISU World University Championships Mind Sports.

All tourist information is available on www.visitantwerp.be.


During the PCU Games Opening and Closing Ceremony, the University of Antwerp will host the prestigious expositions of the Antwerp University and Panathlon Drawing Contest and Photo Contest. Participants, officials and spectators can enter the Photo Contest by posting their pictures on social media, using the hashtag #PCUpic.


A FIFA23 Tournament (on PS5 only) is organised for students worldwide, representing their university or institute of higher education.

  • Timing: Friday 21 April 2023 from 19h00 to 23h00 CEST. Participation in the PCU E-Sports Games is simple, by filling in the form below. After your registration is confirmed, you will receive the link to the online platform. The deadline for registration is 20 April 2023.
  • All participants receive a participation certificate.
  • The rules and regulations can be found here.
  • PCU FIFA23 Tournament Final Results.

Digital flyers in horizontal & vertical format. Click on the flyer to open the high resolution version.


    REGISTRATION (*) Required field

    PCU GAMES CHAMPIONS (1999-2023)

    PCU Games 2023 Champions

    • E-Sports (FIFA23), Mohammad Poorhosein aka Mohammadmp021, Islamic Azad University, East Tehran branch (Iran)
    • Football Men (try-out), KdG University of Applied Sciences (Belgium)
    • Futsal Men, University of Belgrade, Faculty of org. sciences (Serbia)
    • Futsal Women, KU Leuven (Belgium)
    • Basketball Men, University of Belgrade, Faculty of org. sciences (Serbia)
    • Basketball Women, Antwerp University Association (Belgium)
    • Volleyball Men, Mendel University of Brno (Czech Republic)
    • Volleyball Women, University of Antwerp (Belgium)

    Enrico Prandi Fair Play Trophy 2023, Estonian Business School (Estonia)




    Registration Modalities

    Registration for the PCU Games Antwerp 2023 is simple by filling out the registration form below and no entry or participation fees are required. The registration deadline is 1 April 2023 (or when the maximum amount of registrations is reached). Teams must represent Universities or other Institutes of Higher Education.

    Participation Guarantee

    Your hotel or hostel booking is considered as your participation guarantee and will exclude no-shows of teams.

    Visa Requests

    Visa requests are only accepted upon receipt of a finalized hotel or hostel booking. Please visit the website Visa for Belgium if Visa are required and for detailed information on the current procedures.


    Register your team(s) via the registration form below. You will receive an automatic email as confirmation. (*) Required field.

      University & Competition Details

      Contact Person Details



      The PCU Games Council manages the organization of the PCU Games and its finances. The PCU Games Organizing Committee appoints a Tournament Director, responsible for the daily running of the PCU Games organization.

      • President, Prof. Dr. Bahram Ghadimi (president PCU Tehran, Iran)
      • Member, Peter Verboven (president PCU Committee, Belgium)
      • Member, His Excellency Prof. Dr. A. G. Kotchofa (secretary general PCU Committee, Russia)
      • Member, Prof. Dr. Francis baron Van Loon (member EC PCU Committee, Belgium)
      • Tournament Director, Nils Van de Velden (University of Antwerp, Belgium)


      To guarantee a free program, the hosting rights of the PCU Games are granted to one single university community for a term of several years. The host is consequently ensured of the necessary return by means of publicity on a long term and is able to downsize logistic and financial requirements. The Antwerp University Association is our first partner within this new format. The Antwerp University Association is a structural cooperation of four higher education institutions in metropolitan Antwerp with about 40.000 students. Sport, Fair Play and international interaction are considered within the Antwerp University Association as highly important for the educational development of students. Also the universal Panathlon values and the recognition of the association by the International Olympic Committee are considered as complementary with the mission of the Antwerp University Association. As a result the Antwerp University Association agreed to host the PCU Games for the next years. The Antwerp University Association (AUHA) is an association of 4 Antwerp Institutes of Higher Education: University of Antwerp, KdG University of Applied Sciences, AP University College and Antwerp Maritime Academy.


      Digital flyers in horizontal & vertical format. Click on the flyer to open the high resolution version.

      PCU Games

      PCU FIFA23 Tournament


      The official #hashtag of the event is: #PCUGames2023

      Follow the event on:


      We are collecting all the photos in the Google Albums:

      Football: https://photos.app.goo.gl/LAmX7Mv3RYVSqYsB6

      Futsal: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qYLMa2Lm4RkeUSZ77

      Volleyball: https://photos.app.goo.gl/N6GRbwPuRSe29ncC9

      Basketball: https://photos.app.goo.gl/rfD9VnPYhzx7uZoXA

      All photos from the non-sport program: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1emiexuHBKv68ZA68