Antwerp, 25-27 April 2018

PCU University Games

Competitions and Results

Five competitions, added with an overall Fair Play competition, are organized in men’s Futsal, Volleyball, Basketball and women’s Volleyball and Basketball. The allotment of the pools is organized on Tuesday 24 April 2018 by the Secretary General of the PCU Committee, Prof. Dr. G. A. Kotchofa.


Please note that the match schedules are subject to changes if the participation requires so. The final and official match schedules are presented during the PCU Games Opening Ceremony on 25 April 2018.


PCU Games 2018 : List of Participating Teams (Pdf)




FUTSAL : Men & Women Competition

University Sports Center City Campus, Grote Kauwenberg 2, B-2000 Antwerpen
Sports Center Kiel, Emiel Vloorsstraat 1, B-2020 Antwerpen
Men: 12 teams, 4 pools of 3 teams
Women: 4 teams, Round Robin

Laws of the Game Futsal (Pdf)

Match Schedules Futsal (Pdf)




BASKETBALL : Men & Women Competition

Sports Center Plantin Moretus, Plantin Moretuslei 343, B-2140 Antwerpen
Men: 6 teams, 2 pools of 3 teams
Women: 6 teams, 2 pools of 3 teams


Laws of the Game Basketball (Pdf)

Match Schedules Basketball (Pdf)




VOLLEYBALL : Men & Women Competition

Sports Center Wilrijkse Pleinen, Vogelzanglaan 6 – B-2020 Antwerpen


Men: 5 teams, Round Robin
Women: 4 teams, Round Robin

8 teams, 2 pools of 4 teams

Laws of the Game Volleyball (Pdf)

Match Schedules Volleyball (Pdf)





After every match the referees award Fair Play points to each team based upon conduct of the delegation and Fair Play on the field. The winner of the Fair Play ranking receives the Enrico Prandi Trophy and each team member receives the prestigious PCU Committee insignia for excellence in sportsmanship.


The winner of the Fair Play competition in 2017 is University of Essex Basketball Men Team (England).


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