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PCU Clubs

Panathlon Clubs of Universities (PCU Clubs)

Universities and University Colleges that consider ethics in sport and Fair Play an added value for the development of their students are welcome to create a Panathlon Club connected to the university. Participants of the PCU Games are automatically granted Panathlon International membership as a PCU Club. The establishment and working modalities of a PCU Club are simple and are explained in detail upon request by the PCU Committee.






Each PCU Club is free to develop within their own university community an initiative that supports Fair Play. This can be a communication campaign, a Fair Play Trophy or any other project that stimulates Fair Play. Each year, the PCU Club with the best Fair Play project is awarded with the PCU Fair Play Award and receives a financial award of € 1.000,00 to support the winning project.






» Member of an IOC recognized association with emphasis on ethics in sport

» Representation and voting right Panathlon International General Assembly

» Representation and voting right PCU Committee General Assembly

» Network of more than 300 Panathlon Clubs worldwide

» Each member receives a number of times per year the Panathlon Magazine

» Free participation in the PCU Games




PCU CLUBS 2017-2018


PCU Verona (Italy)

PCU Tehran (Iran)

PCU Berlin (Germany)

PCU Kaunas (Lithuania)

PCU York (England)

PCU London LSBU (UK)

PCU Edinburgh (Scotland)

PCU Benin (Benin)

PCU Moscow (Russia)

PCU Antwerp – Yerun (Belgium)

-Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain)

-Universitat Autonoma de Madrid (Spain)

-Universität Bremen (Germany)

-Brunel University London (UK)

-Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)

-Dublin City University DCU (Ireland)

-University of Essex (UK)

-University of Eastern Finland (Finland)

-Universität Konstanz (Germany)

-Linköpings Universiteit (Sweden)

-Universiteit Maastricht (Netherlands)

-Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)

-Université Paris Dauphine (France)

-Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain)

-Universita degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata (Italy)

-Syddansk Universiteit (Denmark)

-Universität Ulm (Germany)


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