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2nd Antwerp University & Panathlon Drawing Contest 2017

On 21 February 2018 the Contest Selection Commission has announced the winners of the 2017 Antwerp University & Panathlon Drawing Contest. The 15 best drawings selected from 112 entries were presented to the Commission for the appointment of the three winners.

The Chairman of the Selection Commission, Prof. Dr. Alain Verschoren, Prorector of the University of Antwerp, expressed his admiration for the increased artistic level and the variety of drawing methods and techniques presented.

Therefore the Commission found it difficult to select a final winner of the first prize, and consequently, it was decided that two first prizes would be awarded, and also a third prize.

The first prize is shared between Ernest Seah from Singapore with «Fair Play» and Artem Tereschenko from Belarus with «Ludis Iungit». The third prize was awarded to Marcos Santos Magnani da Silva from Brazil with «Fair Play Volley». The Commission also decided to extend an honorable commendation to Aigul Kuldibaeva from Kazakhstan with «Creation of a Panathlete».


You can download the PDF file “Results Antwerp University & Panathlon Drawing Contest 2017” which contains a full overview of the 15 best drawings with pictures and more detailed information.


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– February 2018, Antwerp (Belgium), University of Antwerp – Campus Middelheim
Sport Personalities 2017 & Contest Selection Commission
– March 2018, Grenoble (France)
Flambeau d’Or Panathlon International
– April 2018, Antwerp (Belgium), University of Antwerp – City Campus, Grauwzusters Cloister
PCU University Games 2018
– June 2018, Florence (Italy)
Panathlon International meeting & International Graphic Art Competition PI – D. Chiesa Foundation
– October 2018, Dubna Moscow Region (Russia), Dubna State University
PIUTT Tennis Tournament 2018




1st Antwerp University & Panathlon Drawing Contest 2016

On Tuesday 31 January 2017 the Contest Selection Commission met in Antwerp, chaired by Contest President Prof. Dr. Alain Verschoren. Among the 15 best drawings of the 2016 contest, the winning artworks were selected. The Selection Commission President expressed his gratitude to all participants to make this first edition a success! The winning artworks are “Olympiad” from Yana Ivanchina (1st place / RUS), “Sport uniting the world” from Eric Djivo (2nd place / BENIN) and “Flanders’ wheels” from Roxanne Bral (3rd place / BEL). The Selection Commission additionaly expressed an honorable commondation for the artwork “Gymnasts” from Catherine Borisova (RUS). The PDF “Results Antwerp University & Panathlon Drawing Contest 2016” gives an overview of the 15 best drawings with pictures and more detailled information about each artwork.


You can find the photo album of the expositions Drawing Contest 2016 on the PCU Committee Facebook Page.



26-28 April 2017, Antwerp (Belgium)
University of Antwerp, PCU University Games 2017
11-13 May 2017, Rapallo, (Italy), Hotel Rosabianca,
Panathlon International Presidents’ Committee meeting
20-22 October 2017, Dubna (Russia)
Dubna State University, PIUTT Tennis 2017

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