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Antwerp University and Panathlon Drawing Contest

Drawing Contest 2019

Welcome to the Drawing Contest


The Antwerp University & Panathlon Drawing Contest is a yearly international contest where students from minimum 450 art universities and university colleges worldwide are invited to create a drawing related to fair play in university sport. With the contest, the PCU Committee aims to develop a synergy between the worlds of student art and student sport on an international level, implementing the first fundamental principle of the Olympic Charter which states, inter alia, that Olympism blends sport with culture and education. The contest is not limited to students from art universities and university colleges, each student worldwide is welcome to enter the contest. The 3 best artists receive a financial reward.



The PCU Committee selects the best 15 drawings which will be exposed in a number of venues. The Drawing Contest Selection Commission appoints within these 15 drawings the best, second best and third best drawing. The artists of the 3 best drawings are awarded financially. The Selection Commission is chaired by Prof. Dr. A. Verschoren of the University of Antwerp. The other 3 members are G. Santini of Panathlon International, Prof. Dr. F. baron Van Loon of the Panathlon Club of the University of Antwerp and P. Verboven of the PCU Committee. Decisions within the Selection Commission are taken by majority. In case no decision can be taken, the vote of the President of the Selection Commission is decisive. The Selection Commission meets once a year in Antwerp, Belgium.